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Psychological Insights from the Bhagvad Gita- (Basic)

Psychological Insights from the Bhagvad Gita- (Advanced)

Healing Through Stories

Mindfulness Based Approaches

Positive Psychology Tools & Techniques

Cognitive Techniques for Children & Adolescents

Orientation in Compassion Focused Therapy

Understanding the Anatomy & Physiology

Basic Counseling Skills

When Arjuna becomes demotivated, Krishna  gives him a 90 minute therapy in the form of  Bhagvad Gita right in the middle of the battlefield.

Are these lessons still relevant for us, for today’s  demotivated Arjun, who is ready to give up too soon?

Is the Gita just to be kept in our homes and worshipped?

Or is it to be opened and explored for the valuable  insights that it offers us?

Make the Gita change your perspective of life forever.