Signs That Stress Is Affecting Your Relationship

Signs That Stress Is Affecting Your Relationship

Though a small word, ‘stress’ can have huge impacts on your physical, emotional and mental health. In the race of life, you have to overcome several severe obstacles and some of these hurdles surface in your relationship. Be it courtships, dating phases or marriages, Relationship Counselling can successfully help you to deal with and evade typical relationship problems. This blog makes you aware of the signs that reflect how stress is burdening your relationship and weighing it down to the verge of cracking.

Bad days, severe quarrels

Every relationship is subject to happy highs and unhappy lows but when you blame each other for your unhappiness for no reason at all and vent it out through abusive words, violent gestures and cut-throat threats, things get really bad. Stress is responsible for these rough patches and setbacks and if you are failing time and again to deal with it, see a top relationship expert, with a relationship coach certification, immediately.

Staying aloof

When you become submissive, docile and isolated in a relationship, you need to pay close attention to the physical and verbal gestures of your partner and yourself as well. If you or your partner is stressed, you will naturally try to find solace in each other’s arms but if that is not happening, you need to speak to a relationship coach and evaluate your relationship because stress can be rightly held responsible for it.

Affected sex life

Adrenaline and cortisol get spiked when you are stressed out and it eventually suppresses your hormones that turn on your mood. It makes you feel exhausted, tired and disinterested in enjoying good physical intercourses. Physical bonding necessitates a happy relationship and keeps stress at bay. Therefore, when it is the other way round, you must take a serious look at things and get the help of Relationship Counselling.

Emotionally unavailable

Suppose your partner is having a rough day and wants your consolation or pampering but you are not willing to do it, refraining from making a simple cup of coffee to ease him/her out, getting irritated or not feeling like caressing him/her for no good reason. What possibly could have gone wrong with you? You should know that stress is straining your relationship. The essence of a pure and loving relationship is to be emotionally available for each other and if that is not happening, you require relationship counselling.

Anger issues

Anxiety, distress, depression and anger issues have become quite commonplace among couples these days. It is completely unhealthy and getting your relationship assessed by a relationship coach is essential. Stress leads to these issues which slowly crumble your relationship. You might even have trust and adjustment issues because you are stressed out and engaging in pre-marital counselling can help you overcome it.


Stress is like a parasite that wrenches your relationship and so, you must avoid it at every cost. When you do not deal with it professionally, communication gaps, feelings of dissatisfaction and neglect, loneliness, etc. prey on your mental health and your relationship suffers. Therefore, get in touch with Feeling Minds for some stupendous individual counselling sessions, an insight into relationship counselling and also for pursuing relationship expert programs and more.

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