Qualities of a skilled Relationship Consultant

Qualities of a skilled Relationship Consultant

It is said that marriages shrivel because they are not nurtured. Just like a mother, nurtures her baby from the womb to birth and even after that, each and every relationship in our life needs care in the form of time, effort, energy, emotions, and commitment. One should not let go of a relationship, without giving their 100 percent because relationships are costly. Science has proved that we humans are social beings wired for connection. Relationships are necessary for our survival. So, we can at least try to work for the ones that are worth saving. And if is not worth an extra ounce of your efforts, give it up. Nevertheless, have the satisfaction of living the life without any regrets.


If you are one of those couples who is having a conflicts/issues with his/her partner, you must consult a certified Relationship Consultant who genuinely would want to help you without any biases and who empowers the couple with scientific, evidence based tools and techniques for resolving conflicts and building strong foundations of marriage.


The therapeutic alliance between the couple and the therapist is the most important thing in the counselling process. The reason being we all look for safety in the primary relationships of our life. That primary relationship can be our partners and in some cases our parents or siblings. When the security of that relationship is threatened, people start looking for their secure haven and safe space with the therapist.



But what are the qualities of a perfect relationship coach? How will you know that the person you have come to, is an expert and would help you and partner with scientific approaches. This is why, here, we will give you an insight into those qualities that you must look for in the perfect relationship coach.

1. Empathetic:

A skilled relationship coach would put him/her in your shoes and be empathetic with both the partners at the same time so that they are comfortable with the therapist and are able to confide in him/her.

2. Balanced approach:

The therapist should be able to balance the stories of both the partners at the same time.


Many a times, the couple does not seek counselling fearing that their privacy might be compromised. A certified professional consultant is trustworthy and would keep the confidentiality of the couple and the issues concerning them at the highest priority

4. Goal-oriented:

A skilled and professional Relationship coach focuses on the relationship, the relationship goals, relationship aspects, their quality, satisfaction between couples and problem maintenance structure between the couple.

Along with above mentioned specific qualities, a couple therapist is also warm, attuned to couple’s needs, and a good listener.


Qualities of a skilled Relationship Consultant


If you google search for a couple therapist, at the click of button, a never ending list of therapist opens up and choosing the one who is certified professional and expert on the subject becomes difficult. Now, after being aware of the above qualities, it would be easier for you to look for them in your relationship coach who is genuine and keeps the relationship between the couple as the priority.


Dr Chinu Agrawal, Ph.D, is a one of the renowned psychologist and couple therapist who is known for her expertise in the area of application based Psychology. Dr. Chinu is Founder and Director of Feeling Minds and is a trained and certified relationship consultant from renowned Gottman Institute , USA. She is also the facilitator of 6 month long, extensive and experiential Feeling Minds Relationship Consultant Program. This program would be a perfect choice for you if you are looking forward to become a certified Relationship Consultant.

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