Relationship Counselling Services at Feeling Minds

We are all born with an inexplicable longing for love. Along with this we are all also born with a threat system that tells us to guard ourselves, protect ourselves and makes us live in the fear of losing it all. Caught between this longing and fear we undergo a lot of difficulties in our relationships on a day-to-day basis. Some of them are temporary, situational or circumstantial problems and they get resolved on their own or we are able to manage them. But some of these problems are chronic, repetitive and form a pattern they may be based in our early childhood traumas related to our basis trust and attachment, our beliefs, our own personalities, needs, communication abilities and they start disrupting and damaging our relationships leading to a lot of distress and pain and emotions it becomes beyond repair leading to break-ups and divorces. It is at this juncture that a well-qualified and trained relationship counsellor can be of help. Feeling Minds® Relationship Counselling services are based on well tested scientific principles of psychology and original research studies conducted on Indian population. We help you to explore, identify and understand yourselves and your relationships with the help of scientific assessment tools and protocols. Thereafter we provide you a neutral and safe place to address, repair and renew your relationship by appropriate skills and knowledge. During the pre-marital counselling and marriage counselling at Feeling Minds, you feel heard and not judged and thus you are able to look at your issues with more objectivity and learn to deal with them.

  • Having anxiety related to your future or new relationships e.g. an impending marriage.  Pre-marital counseling is highly recommended. 
  • Facing communication disruptions in your marriage.
  • Going through a relationship dilemma.
  • Feeling trapped or suffocated in a relationship.
  • Unable to assert your needs and boundaries in a relationship.
  • History of emotional sexual abuse interfering in your current relationship.
  • Going through a painful break-up or divorce
  • Having trust issues with your partner
  • Lack of sexual compatibility with your partner.
  • Dissatisfaction and conflicts in a relationship.