Programs For Organizations

Feeling Minds® have done immense contribution in the field of Education with the EEE program. 

The EEE program aims to provide a framework for training and equipping students in necessary skills so that they can apply scientific ways to deal with both ordinary and extraordinary challenges which life presents to them at the end of Experiential Emotional Education program such as Self Confidence, Sense of Purpose in life, Better Peer relationships, Being responsible for their own choices etc. 

EEE program has shown significant impact on improving the irrational belief systems of children and helping them develop rational thinking and beliefFeeling Minds® have been invited to the topmost public schools of the country to conduct our “Experiential Emotional Educational “ program for the students of class 1st to class 12thFeeling Minds® have conducted such programs for more than 30 schools all over the country imparting Emotional Education to around 15000 children around 2500 teachers and 4000 parents.

Some of the note worthy schools are:

  • Bhavan’s R K Sarda Vidya Mandir Raipur
  • Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya,Gwalior
  • Somerville school, Delhi
  • CRPF school, Delhi 
  • Air force school, Agra
  • Prelude Public School,  Agra 
  • NH Goel, Raipur
  • KPS, Raipur
  • DPS, Malanpur
  • DPS, Firozabad
  • Dhruv Academy, Sangamner
  • Prabhat Kids, Akola
  • Birla Public School , Kalyan, 
  • Vidya Devi Jindal,  Hisar
  • Delhi Public School, Gwalior
  • St Xavier’s , Amravati
  • Bal Bhawan, Bhopal
  • GEMS Millennium, Dubai
  • Mohanlal Samra, Amravati
  • Holy Public School, Agra
  • Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal
  • Starbuds School, Pune
  • Radian Public School, Faridabad
  • Bal Bhavan School, Bhopal
  • D.J.V.S.S School, Rohtak
  • Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar
  • Delhi Public School, Dhamtari
  • Times and Trends Academy,  Pune
  • Bajaj Institute Of Learning, Dehradun
  • Birla Public School
  • Holy Cross School, Akola
  • Vikas Group of Institutions (Bhubaneshwar) NCERT at RIE 
  • Birla Public School, Kalyan Mumbai
  • DPS, Dhamtari. Etc.

MBTI for Team Building MBTI® team building 

This is a specialised program for corporate organisations and institutions which helps them to understand their strengths and key areas of improvemens, also ways to negotiate and manage conflict ultimately leading to development of a team culture. MBTI has emerged as a very useful tool for developing team skills for  organizations who are seriously concerned about one or more core issues  affecting the team performance. We focus on these core 6 issues during the program: Leadership, Communication, Stress, Team Culture,  Problem Solving and Change.

This program assists Team to: 

  • Discover individual and team problem-solving styles
  • Foster an exchange of viewpoints
  • Learn and practice better ways of working together
  • Unify the team around a common purpose, understanding, and vision for the future
  • Analyse the team’s strengths, blind spots, and areas for improvement

This program aims to ensure the emotional and mental well-being of children, their physical health, safety and normal development by empowering the parents with science-based information, educating them about the impact of their behaviour on child development and also equipping them with the right kind of skills to raise healthy and happy children. This Program will equip parents to Enhance parenting skills through a high quality, effective and professional parenting empowerment program.   Parents who have undergone “STEP” training report a substantial increase in their enjoyment of parenthood. Ultimately, providing support to parents means providing support to children