Top 16 Tips to Revive Your Relationship with Your Child

Top 16 Tips to Revive Your Relationship with Your Child

Conflicts between parents and children are quite commonplace but the tension multiplies by the numbers when these conflicts become regular. It is normal and it happens with every parent at some  point. But the more often it happens, weaker the relationship becomes. What can a parent do in such situations? They will either try to make amends with the child or run to someone for help. In many cases, it has been seen that parents visit parenting experts, who have done parenting courses for professionals, to seek expert advice. Besides such aids, the following tips will also be effective in reviving a strained relationship between a parent and a child.

First let’s understand some of the top reasons behind struggles often seen in Parenting

  1. Non availability of Parents for Child when the child needs them. In today’s world where both the parents are working and are busy with their own priorities, child’s needs often seen ignored or unanswered.
  2. Parents often seen unable to provide or communicate the clear instruction about the expected behavior from the child.
  3. Parents are stuck in their own misbelief about parenting ways. e.g. Children must obey their parents. Punishment is the only way to teach the children etc.
  4. Parents own Emotional distresses.
  5. Most important lack of awareness about the of neutral and scientific view of raising a happy, healthy child.

Besides these, there are reasons why children and parents fall out with each other and these can be easily shared with an expert parenting counsellor to seek guidance. Now, take a look at the tips that will lead to constructive relationship building with your child and heal the wounds of a bad fight.

Top 16 Tips to Revive Your Relationship with Your Child

The most effective tips to revive Parent and Child relationship:

  1. Your unconditional love and acceptance towards your children make them self-confident.
  2. Be available for your child as home is your child’s first world to come to.
  3. Giving clear instruction about what is an expected behavior from the child keeps his/her confusion away and helps him to make better choices.
  4. Help children to know the consequences of their behaviors and let them choose them.
  5. Respect their choices and opinions.
  6. Set family rules which are discussed and well informed in advance. Remember rules can make things work only when they are followed consistently by everyone in the family.
  7. Appreciating their efforts towards expected behavior encourages them to do better each time.
  8. Have a healthy conversation about their day and assure them that you are always there for them.
  9. Engaging them in age-appropriate activities which they enjoy doing, can avoid unnecessary tantrums, struggle and low self-confidence.
  10. Practice active listening when the child has to say something.
  11. Empathize with their feelings and assist them to manage their emotions.
  12. Spend quality time with them every day. e.g. Playing with them, walking in the garden. These things help in growing affection and trust.
  13. Acknowledge your mistakes.
  14. Apologize for all the actions or words intentional or unintentional which may have hurt your child. You are modelling your own vulnerabilities and at the same time you are taking the responsibility of your own actions and words.
  15. Have a constructive discussion about topics which have something for your child to learn.
  16. Enjoy each phase of your child’s development, create memories with them consciously which you and your children cherish in the future.


Expert parenting counsellors are of the opinion that these effective tips are quintessential to bring back the smiles on the faces of both the children and the parents. For such insights and learnings, join the expert parenting courses offered by Dr. Chinu Agrawal through her establishment, Feeling Minds. There are several other courses and counselling sessions available which will be instrumental in giving your career a good push.

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