Parent Counselling

Today’s parents are presented with unique challenges which were not faced with their parents. The existing conventional wisdom related to parenting is insufficient. Raising a child can be difficult for many reasons. Some common challenges parents face include:

  • Providing consistent care
  • Attending to the needs of an infant or toddler
  • Maintaining adult relationships
  • Financial difficulties
  • Feeling rushed or “out of time”
  • Scheduling and planning children’s days
  • Lack of sleep
  • If parents are not taught Healthy Parenting Practices, the child may not be able to achieve his potential, and we may fail to raise a happy and healthy generation of responsible human beings which will be a great national loss.
  • Various Age group issues e.g., Toddlers, Teen agers etc.
  • Anger Management in Child
  • Parenting for Special Children
  • Single parenting
  • Child’s Emotional distress 
  • Addictions
  • Grand Parenting Sessions