Motivational Interviewing

“Motivational Interviewing” a form of Psychotherapy by the founders Dr. William G. Muller & Dr. Stephen Rollnick.

It is a comprehensive training course spread over two months, June & July 2021.

“MI” is a evidence based counseling method where you learn to build motivation for change in your clients.

  1. Psychologist
  2. Counselors
  3. Doctors
  4. Social Workers
  5. Teachers
  6. Parents
  7. Sports Coaches
  8. Dietician & Weight Lose Experts
  9. Soft Skills Trainers
  10. Leaders & CEO’s 
  11. Sales Manager
  12. People dealing with addictions
  13. Schools Principals
  14. Senior Professors
  15. Businessmen
  16. Students preparing for Competitive Exams.

MI can simply be used in any place where change is required but it is not happening due to lack of motivation. For e.g.

  1. A student knows he has to study but is getting distracted on social media or gadgets.
  2. A person wants to stop smoking but can’t.
  3. A sales manager wants to meet targets but the team is underperforming.

4. A person wants to exercise & lose weight but is not able to.If you are a professional in any of these fields & you feel struck with your clients “MI” is the tool you are looking for.