Dr. Suprithy Paliwal
Dr. Suprithy PaliwalAssociate Professor Psychology
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"We learnt a lot about career guidance and counselling in a simplified manner. We were able to understand the concepts very clearly. The peer counselling gave a boost to our confidence. It was a very wonderful experience after which we are confident that we will be able to counsel"
Suniti Barua
Suniti BaruaPsychotherapist Guwahati
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"The Career Guidance and Counselling Workshop was extremely beneficial. It has added a feather to my profile and has enabled the group to offer so much more to the community and add to their own services and growth. The peer Counselling session helped me understand the actual process of Counselling clearly. All doubts were clarified by the mentor w h i ch w a s ex t r e m e l y b en e fi c i a l."
Subhaashini Career Counsellor
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"Learning-understanding MBTI preferences, Presentation of report. Peer Counselling: deifferent styles of presenting the session, practice makes on makes on perfect, flow was better, suggestions - the Course can be made 4-5 days into so that thereis no overflow schduled time."
Gunjan Agrawal
Gunjan AgrawalCounselor/ Trainer
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"It was an amazing experience and learning in this workshop as I came to know about the importance of career counselling and what is my role to be in future as a career counsellor. It is so valuable to know that being a career Counselor I am going to help confused children and anxious parents around me and indirectly helping the society in its growth and development."
Vandana Sharma
Vandana Sharma Associate Professor
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"This workshop was full of knowledge. Various importan t areas related to parenting are covered. USP of this workshop is that it made it possible for us to conduct a workshop confidently."
Ashita Mathur
Ashita Mathur Clinical Psychologist
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"Amazing ... is the word. Learning was in two phases. The first phase was as parenting expert- how to be facilitator; specially telling and asking model. How important it is to involve participants and how we can maintain it in the complete session. The second phase as a psychologist lots of theories of Development & Child Psychology being discussed, how it can be applied to our day to day lives on regular basis especially the unconditional acceptance for life and others. Nurturing and controlling both as an important aspects of parenting. I really wish to learn more and hope that whatever I have learnt, I can give back to my society as a trained Parenting Expert so that I can share the learning I have gained and spread awareness."
Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastav
Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastav
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"I attended the workshop on Career Counsell ing & Career Gu idance conducted by Dr. Chinu Agarwal from 1 8th May to 20th May, 20 1 8.The workshop was fantastic and fabu lous. I n th is workshop I learned a lot of wh ich I was u naware ti ll date. This area is very potential area and wi l l benefit to youth of today who are not able to recogn ize th eir abi l ity,capacity and potential. I n the process of career cou nsel i ng the youths I students wi l l learn/ know about worl d of work and worl d of i n d ivid ual as wel l. I learned about the career guidance, how to conduct workshop on it i n the colleges for the students of IX to XI I.To make aware what they are doing,why they are doing and what is the correct path to the right career.Also, those who want to get i nd ivid ual cou nsel ing be counseled and hel ped to explore th eir personal ity preferences, career interest and skil l s. I learnt that the process i nvolves "asking not tell ing" and h elps to i nd ivid ual to explore abi l ity and then choosi ng right career. I am than kf u l to Dr.Chin u for her deliberation on such an im portant topic. I anticipate her hel p i n futu re when ever I need."
Dr. Neeta Dwivedi
Dr. Neeta DwivediClinical Psychologist
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"I am thankful to Ma'am for giving me this opportunity to attend this workshop. It was very amazing experience to learn from Dr.Chinu Agrawal Ma'am. I learned a lot and it was very new learning for me. Ma'am explained in very simple and informative way with lot of day to day examples. All the contents were explained in simplest manner.Ma'am tried to solve all our queries. Ma'am is really very humble and down to earth personality. Thank you so much Ma'am!! "
Neetu Kabra
Neetu KabraCounsellor
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"The workshop was really very informative, application based, No Jargons were used. Ma'am you were extremely wonderful is helping us to conceptualize each and every area of Career Counseling. Now I am able to confidently explain the differences to students and parents about job, career guidance and career counseling. Your method of teaching us the personality preferences with illustration and real life examples have downloaded in my mind. The way you explained formula for success was simply awesome. Ma'am thank you so much for making me now confident to conduct workshop and career counseling."
Garima Goyal
Garima Goyal Counselling Psychologist
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"Three day workshop on Career Guidance & Career Counselling organised by Feeling Minds was an eye-opener and has set long lasting impression for a life-time. It was more of experiential and practical activity based workshop, which allowed us to freely express our doubts and get its solution with more clarity. After attending this workshop, I feel more confident and enthusiastic to go out and spread the learnt knowledge around the globe. Thank you so much Dr. Chinu Agrawal. I am glad, I attended this workshop despite few hurdles which came in my path. I made a right choice by deciding to attend this workshop. Looking forward to attend more workshops and keep myself upgraded with lot of knowledge shared by you."
Juilie Steinherr
Juilie Steinherr Project Cordinator In NGO
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"Explaining methods were very effective with many examples, practical examples. We are lucky, I feel good, happy as I got chance to learn new things, methods which I will practice to help others. Looking for more trainings and workshops."
Kavita Yadav
Kavita Yadav Psychologist & Parenting Coach
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"It's a blessing, fortune to study and learn Transactional Analysis and then be able to apply it in your life. Also help others to empower themselves such that they enjoy the freedom to choose. We all know our fundamental rights. We also know that we have the liberty, freedom to choose. But how effectively and scientifically to exercise this right of ours is answered in Transactional Analysis. It is an ocean of knowledge. The more deep you go, the deeper you wish to get. I really am fortunate to have been able to complete it and become one of the master practitioner of TA CDT under the aegis of Feeling Minds. Trained by none other than Dr Chinu Agarwal Ma'am herself. Thank you DrChinu Agrawal Ma'am for being such a great Facilitator, mentor, friend, and guide. It's learnings can be used in each and every area of one's life be it Parenting, relationships, Career, education, work related challenges, anxiety, stress, and the list goes on.... . It's intimidating, thought provoking, and answers all your questions. Praying to Almighty to keep me blessed so that I am able to use it not only for my own self development and betterment but also be able to empower others to come out as winners."
Namrata Sharma
Namrata SharmaCounsellor
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"I feel more quipped to work in the area. 3 days seemed less with Dr. Chinu and listening about her work and experiences. I would like to learn more from her and enhance my skills. Have always \ loved career Counseling but after the workshop I am \ more motivated and energized to go deeper in the field and reach out to as many people aspossible. I am really thankful to Dr. Chinu Ma'am /or arranging this workshop and putting so much efforts so that we could learn & reach out topeople, as this field requires lot of work to be done. \Totally worth it & fruitful . Thank You Ma'am"
Narender K. Vashistha
Narender K. Vashistha Counsellor
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"As my experience of learning with Dr. Chinu Agrawal is concerned in her workshop, it is always a wonderful one After doing Basic TA-CDT & Advanced TA-CDT workshop, it was amazing to learn things in new perspectives .. Activities was more elaborate and numerous. Again, the techniques learnt are very handy. She explained the concepts included in HGames People Play" in a very easy manner. Everything taught was crystal clear. Practice for life-scripts was done under her ablesupervision. All the things taught were too good."
Olivia Kakati
Olivia KakatiLecturer
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"My journey of attending this two day workshop has been really curiosity provoking. In the language of TA, now I know that I don't know, I must say that Dr. Chinu Agrawal, you were really a good facilitator and you not only taught us about various concepts of TA and CDT but you also equipped us with the skills to use it in our daily lives as well with our clients. I also was delighted and enchanted with the way Dr. Chinu Ma'am delivered her content and with how confident she is in her own skin."
Pratibha  Ashtaputre
Pratibha Ashtaputre Counselor
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"The unique way of stressing importance on having Career destination, role of skills & abilities towards career choice were interesting. Personality & Interest inventories were too good. Overall the workshop was very effective and provided an opportunity for enriching ourselves & have a networking with other like minded professionals in the group."
Sandeep Bali
Sandeep Bali Cdr. (Retd.)
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"The programme has been an eye-opener in sensitising me about the scientifically tested and successful model for holistic Career Counselling and Guidance. Dr. Chinu Agrawal is a renowned practitioner of this art and has developed this model in great detail and lucidity. The workshop was conducted in experiential way and provided great insight into the art of career counselling and guidance.We were taken through the process in a most systematic, easy paced, methodical manner wherein each and every nuance related to career counselling was covered in detail. The explanation of various theories especially personality types was an eye-opener. The concept of "inner joy" and how to synchronise it into the world of individual as well as the world of work empowers the Practioner with scientific tools to provide authentic and practical Career Counselling."
Simran Rajpal
Simran Rajpal Student
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"For afresh graduate of 21 years of age, who was unsure about her life I am now slightly more confident in myself as well as equipped to guide someone else about their career as well. The Feeling Minds Career Guidance software is so easy to use and understand and I believe is going to be a revolution in thefield of Career Counseling. The workshop not just gave me insight about various career paths but also taught me how tofacilitate a career guidance workshopfor others. All in all itproved to be a veryfruitful experience"
Sonali Sikdar
Sonali SikdarCounseli ng Psychologist & Psychotherapist
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"When I picked up psychology out of my passion I never knew that I will be on such an interesting journey of learning , meeting new people f rom all over India and of course meeting the best of the Guru Dr Chinu Agarwal . All her workshops are f ull of down to earth relatable daily lif e anecdotes which has really helped me retain the theory and learning aspect. She is such a honest, authentic wonderf ul and a selflessly giving individual that without really making you learn you will still walk away with so many concepts and aspects. Just l ike Lord Krishna she gives us teachings of lif e with a mesmerizing smile and her knowledge of the subject is extensive . The career counsell ing workshop has truly empowered and equipped me scientif ic tools and theories which I can use for the process of career guidance and career counselling which will help parents and their children to take inf ormed career choices . I am going to be ever gratef ul to Dr Chinu to support me all the way to be an involved participant and hand holding me whenever I was stuck. A big thank you to Dr Ravi Jindal for being such a huge support to ensure that the program is smooth running and all the participants are taken care of . Would l ike to add a big thanks to C A Ashish Agarwal for helping us understand the world of entrepreneurshi p. May Dr Chinu and feeling Minds keep holding such successf ul and wonderf ul workshops ...!! "
Supriya A.P.
Supriya A.P. Principal
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"If you aspire to bring change in the world around you, just join Dr. Chinu Agrawal and Feeling Minds family. The career counseling session of my son and then the career guidance and counseling expert workshop gave a deep insight about the need of career counseling for every student and professional and also how it can become a turning point in their life. There is a huge difference between the counseling and guidance we get from Feeling Minds and other agencies. It was an amazing experience for me to understand the scientific method of career counseling with indepth knowledge about how to carry it on. Experiential method of teaching of facilitation applied by Dr. Chinu Agrawal is having no comparison. There is no doubt about the success and satisfaction level of anyone who gets counseling done by Feeling Minds. Thank you Ma'am for making me a part of this family."
Yashodhra Patil
Yashodhra Patil Director
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"I have attended couple of workshops of Dr. Chinu Ma'am. It is being observed that after the workshop you feel empower, full of knowledge and equipped with content and skills. But this time this workshop was really eye opener to me. I have learned a lot how you can play vital role in student's life while doing Career Counseling. I understood for doing the counseling you don't need to be a counselor. All these kinds of insights related to counseling in career prospective has been giving by Dr.Chinu Ma'am. She is such a blessing to me and I feel myself privileged to be part of her journey . You are always helpful and supportive to all Ma'am."
Nupur Agarwal
Nupur AgarwalPsychologist
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Ma' am' T.A has so far worked brilliantly with my clients and moreover, with me in my personal life. Doing basic and advanced with you, gave me a holistic perspective into why I behave the way I do and also why people behave the way they do ! This learning is going to be applied in numbers context the very assurance that we have you to support us means a' lot to us. !
Sumit Bhardwaj
Sumit BhardwajLife Coach
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Master TA-CDT Program brought an insight in me about life scripts, games and different life position. Doing This Course with Dr. Chinu Is Always worth investing. This course has also taught me a lot about managing different relations and coming out of games as and where people play them. Now I am confident enough to take this program future & educate many people about T. A Thank You Dr. Chinu
Yogita Jhuraney
Yogita JhuraneyPsychologist
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I attended TA-CDT (Master) By Dr. Chinu Agarwal from 25-27 May, 2018 . After already attending TA-CDT basic and advance, TA-CDT Masters was like a deep dive in the ocean of Eric berne's intericate TA concepts. Understanding the science behind human transaction and making them smoother gets us closer to non conflicting relationships in almost all the area of life. TA Masters included concepts like ego states, life positions, life scripts, games anylysis and injections. Thus heavy sounding topics are such intrinsic parts of our lives and if we understand these, It has the power o make our lives or responses to the life seamless as possible. Dr. Chinu has a unique way of simplifying the concepts and downloading them in the trainee 's mind. She also included a unique therapy of CDT ( cognitive Drill Therapy By DR. Rakesh Jain ) which is very closely linked to the dealing with me the issues that emerge while applying TA. This wonderful duo of TA-CDT has application in almost all the areas of life from team building to self growth parenting to teaching success to excelling in all the spheres of life. Immense gratitude tto Dr. Chinu Agarwal for making us feel to enabled.