A Bond Beyond Eternity

Top 5 Ways to Help Parents Build a Better Bond With Adolescents

One of the primary functions of a parenting expert is to help parents stay on good terms with their adolescents. This is because adolescence is one stage of our lives that could be challenging for parents and child in many aspects. A child, during his adolescence period, goes through a lot of physical, hormonal, and emotional changes and is more vulnerable.

Therefore, a professional Parenting expert will be the right person to guide you on how parents can be of the best help for their budding adults.

So, Let’s take that one step toward building a better relationship with your adolescent. This blog shares some effective tips that can make a difference in your parenting journey.

A Bond Beyond Eternity

Effective tips to follow

Remember to practice these tips to be a better parent to your adolescent child. In no time will you see the difference that these tips will yield.

  1. Neutral discussion will go a long way.

One of the stressful situation a parent face is having a dialogue with their teenagers. Well, its a very common struggle faced by parents but less addressed. Teenagers are going through lot of transformations; you may find them impulsive in a certain situation and totally reluctant in another. They may be excited to take decisions for themselves and at times you may see them embarrassed and isolated. These situations may take to their shells. Keeping things undiscussed can only make it difficult for child’s overall well-being. Hence, it become extremely vital for parents to keep dialogues open in a nonjudgmental, rational way. Give them opportunity to speak, and listen to them patiently. Talk about their discomforts, their school, friends, their interests, their career plans etc. Assure them if they need any help you are there but refrain from forcing your opinion on them. Research has shown that such healthy communications have a significant influence on their behavior as young adult. It may not be easy always but patience and persistence can make your relationship with your adolescent happier again.

  • Remember Respect is bilateral.

You are the first role model for your child. We mean to make you understand that if you expect respect and love from your child, you need to love and respect them as well. When children attain the age of adolescence, they become extremely conscious of their individuality. When you respect them as an individual, children tend to learn to respect parents and people around. It could be a small act like listening to daily activities, involving them in important family discussion, can make a difference for them. Parents often seen putting their children in situation without having a talk about it, leaves children uncomfortable, awkward which certainly can go against your relationship with child. Avoid taking your teenagers granted but inform them well in advance if you want them to be involved in certain things. Seek feedback from them and help them know it really matters to you. These things could be small but builds trust and respect in your relationship over a period.

  1. Conflicts are natural to happen, deal with right approach.

Adolescents are sprouting as an adult, they are striving to find their own identity, their goal in life. They are going to have their personal opinions about situations and it is part of their physical, intellectual, social developmental process. Hence conflicts of opinion are inevitable in parents and adolescents. Conflicts can bring in range of emotions between Parent and teenagers like anger, irritation, distress, guilt etc. But As long as Parent express their love, affection, interests in understanding there opinion their relationship can still be smoother and healthier. When you respect their opinion and have a non-biased discussion on their thoughts, you are modelling the better approach to deal with conflicts. Help them to understand the consequences that comes along with their choices rather than simply discarding them. Remember your child is still developing his views and your every act is shaping his or her perspective towards life. Conflicts of opinion can be challenging but your right approach can make your relationship really strong.

We hope that with these effective tips you mend your bond with your child better. And also, create a stronger relationship as well. For more such tips and techniques, keep an eye on our blog section.

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