The Black Birds.

In the vast canvass of our mind, thoughts keep coming and going just like birds flying in the sky. These birds are of all colors. Let’s say peaceful thoughts are like white birds, thoughts of love and passion are pink, thoughts of energy, enthusiasm, and exertion are navy blue which is aligned to our purpose and task. Green birds signify refreshing thoughts and Yellow is the color of hope, happiness, and brightness. But besides all these colors we also encounter blackbirds sometimes. Thoughts that disturb us. Thoughts that make us feel distressed, helpless, and hopeless. Thoughts that scare us, terrify us. Thoughts of self-doubt. We tend to trap these blackbirds in the prison of our minds. They stay longer there than any of the colorful thoughts. The prison makes them flutter and they make a lot of noise. They want to escape. They were simply flying like the other thoughts through the sky. They didn’t come to stay. They were also temporary. But we were so interested in these black ones that we just caught them perforce. And now we are not ready to let them go. We are looking at them again and again. They are ugly. They don’t make us feel good. Still, we keep paying them so much attention. They are not helping us in any way. Still, we are holding them. They seem to be so meaningless and illogical. Still, we are not letting them go. They are making so much noise. They are not letting us focus on the good things in our life, on the task at hand. Would it help to know that these blackbirds were also going to come and go without leaving any footprints behind? That we trapped them and fed them with so much attention that they became so big? You failed on one test and a blackbird came flying saying you are no good. But unless you trap this thought it will just make a little noise and then fly away. Another grey one will come and say but it was just one test after all! And then will come another beige-colored which will say “We all are imperfect, fallible, human beings, and we can fail at times”. Isn’t this one worth paying more attention to? Let go of the blackbirds…there are so many other colors coming your way! Be ready to welcome them with open arms!! 

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