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Friday, August 21, 2020

The larger Psychology….

Friends, Psychology is much larger than treating mental illnesses. 
It’s more about building positive institutions and creating happier spaces. It’s about building Emotional resilience and strength of character. It’s about building capacities ,  fulfilling relationships and purposeful lives.
 It’s about building acceptance for self, others and life in general. It’s about building healthier and more flexible attitudes. It’s about learning to connect, communicate and collaborate effectively.
 It’s about being able to share and care. It’s about realising the bliss within and radiating it around. It’s about being able to accept our vulnerabilities and grow from there. 
It’s about keeping pace with the constant change around us while learning to embrace it peacefully. It’s also about realising that we all are human after all with our own limitations and we are bound to make many mistakes.
 It’s about learning to own up and take responsibility. It’s about initiating forgiveness and being able to let go. It’s about being able to disagree , agreeably. It’s about being able to wipe our tears and smile through them.
 It’s about being able to harness and bring forth our potential to make our lives worth living. It’s about acknowledging other people’s contributions and experiencing gratitude. It’s about making conscious efforts to grow into better human beings. It’s about learning to spread cheer and positivity. 
It’s about learning to live in the present moment. It’s about facing life’s difficulties and adversities with courage. It’s about accepting the painful situations as an  inevitable part of life but still choose to lessen our suffering by thinking fruitfully.
 It’s about being prepared to experience the potpourri of emotions without insisting on our own conditions. But most of all Psychology is about living and loving life itself and go through this journey with eagerness to experience it all as an amused passenger who is capable of watching himself and the world around him just as an observer !
 Believing that everything is temporary after all and we are just passing by. The pains and the joys are just experiences to be felt and enjoyed in that moment, which do not exist in the next. And hence, Psychology is really about realising our true nature and becoming at peace with it. 

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