Fall in Love, Each Day! Tips for a Blissful Relationship

Learn How to Bond Better With Your Partner: Advice From Top Counsellors

Marriage is a social institution. It brings together not only a man and woman but also their families and friends. Relationships can also be seen as social ties. These may be between two people or more. Marriage or any relationship for that matter is not a cakewalk. Many a times, people in a relationship face a lot of challenges. Their relations might be threatened and this in turn brings in a lot of turmoil.

In such situations, marriage and relationship counselling sessions can be of extreme help. If you are looking forward to mending your ties with your partner and in the process improving the quality of your marriage or relationship then here are some top pieces of advice from renowned counsellors.

Helping you to mend your relationship

If you value your partner, you would go to any extent to make your relationship work. Besides, these effective tips and advice can do the magic for your relationship.

  1. Respect each other

When you have respect for each other, it reduces the conflict between the two people. Each time you are talking to your partner, whether in a playful mood or a serious tone, you must be aware to be always respectful. When you start practicing it in your personal times, it automatically reflects in your social behavior as well. If you are being disrespectful to your partner in your private space, it unknowingly reflects in front of others. Always remember, to earn respect from your partner, respect him/her too.

  1. Express your love

It feels really special when someone tells you that he/she loves you. Similarly, if you love your partner, you need to express your feelings, emotions and affection. This may not always be through saying those three golden words but also by giving a rose, enjoying a cup of coffee or simply holding hands and going on a long walk. Expressing your love for your partner is extremely crucial for your emotional bond and conjugal life. When you are happy and content together, it results in a healthy relationship.

  1. Communicate well

There are bound to be fights or heated arguments in any relationship due to miscommunication. It is possible that one partner might have overlooked sharing some information and the other partner might feel left out.  For any relationship or marriage to be happy and healthy, either partners should convey their feelings, emotions and thoughts to their partner. Having said that, it does not mean that you have to give your partner an account of your daily schedule. But yes, you must keep your partner updated about the most important things going on in your life. Having good communication between you and your partner evades the chances of any misconceptions or misunderstandings. Moreover, this also prevents the intrusion of a third party from spoiling your relationship.

  1. Make decisions together

When you are in a relationship, there is no concept of ‘I, me and myself’. It is always ‘we, us and ourselves’. When you have the feeling of togetherness, every decision each of you take must matter. Therefore, when it comes to the question of making an important decision, you can communicate the same and come to a negotiation. Once you make decisions together, this will build trust in your relationship. Trust and commitment are the the pillars of strength of your relationship.

  1. Give each other space

Each person needs his own space. Getting into a relationship does not mean that you will take away each other’s freedom and independence. Giving sufficient space to each other lets you breathe and think about where your relationship is going. When you are too much into each other, you are often blinded by the love and run the risk of overlooking the loopholes in your relationship. This is why most counsellors often recommend that you take a little time off for yourself and evaluate your relationship. Perhaps, this is one of the best ways to deal with any ensuing issues that might be bothering your relationship.

  1. Come to an understanding

Having fights and arguments are quite common in any relationship. But you need to ensure that these do not just blow out of proportion. Having spoken out your thoughts and feelings is a good way to communicate what you are actually thinking and feeling. But once that period is over, you need to get back with your partner and come to an understanding. After a fight, always make a truce and put the past behind. It is always advised by the top counsellors that you must not prolong a fight or else it simply hampers the quality of your relationship.

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