Is Mental Well-Being Important? Let’s check the facts.

The mind and thoughts play important role in making a difference in a person’s life. Hence, mental well-being is extremely vital at all stages of life. In this blog, we will discuss some of the symptoms which will help you get a better understanding of mental well-being. Also, we will see how mental well-being has come to the forefront.

With changing times, services like relationship counselling, child and adolescent counselling, parental counseling, psychotherapy sessions, etc., are becoming important so as to maintain mental and emotional well-being along with physical well-being. Therefore, it is also necessary to identify the issues that can be indicators of a troubled mind.

Improved Mental Health is Your True Wealth

Some of the most common symptoms that may help you understand that your mental health needs attention could be:

  1. Fear of moving out and/or isolating oneself.
  2. Constant feeling of sadness and/or worry, losing interest in activities that otherwise made you feel good.
  3. Constant conflicts and the inability to resolve them amicably.
  4. Inability to contribute in your own professional sphere.
  5. Judging or blaming yourself constantly.
  6. Issues with identifying, managing and regulating emotions like anger, jealousy, love or hate.
  7. Suffering from any kind of phobias that restrict you from living freely.
  8. Issues from childhood like traumas and abuses.
  9. Trust issues from unresolved fights, traumas and betrayals can prevent a person from having meaningful relationships.

It is very important to seek help and support as soon as a person realizes his/her mental health is at risk.

Why is mental health and well-being important?

Stated below are some of the reasons that will amplify and put emphasis on the importance of mental well-being.

  • Helps to feel free

Besides keeping the mind in good shape, nurturing positive thoughts helps people to feel free and not be shackled by painful and negative thoughts. Having an improved quality of psychological health altogether is on any given day better than the struggles that a person has to make otherwise. Moreover, when the person visits a mental health professional and takes proper therapy, it not only helps him/her in resolving the issue but also in leading a rich, full and meaningful life. Evidence-based research has shown that, counsellors can help bring their clients’ life back on track by equipping them with enduring coping tools and techniques.

  • Aids the individual in enjoying life

When the psychological struggles are minimal, the quality of life improves. When a person understands the importance of mental well-being, he/she would take the ownership of maintaining it. With good mental health, a person can lead a meaningful and flourishing life.

  • Helps in Coping with Negative Thoughts

Many Psychologists in their careers have come across clients who struggle with negative thoughts and feelings. This is enough to give any person an idea about how mental well-being is important. When the mind is sound, it becomes comparatively easy for the person to cope with negative thoughts.

  • Promotes concentration

There are times when a past traumatic experience can lead to lack of focus and concentration. The right kind of counseling and therapies help come out of such past incidents. This is extremely needed for the upkeep mental health. In the absence of mental illnesses, a person can concentrate more efficiently on work, enjoy leisure time, and also be involved in his or her interests. As a result of this, the growth is holistic.


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