How to Become a Marriage and Family Therapist?

How to Become a Marriage and Family Therapist?

Pursuing a career in the field of marriage and family therapy can be the turning point of your life. This is one subject that very few individuals would dare to study because it is challenging and requires a special set of skills for you to excel in. Moreover, family and marriage counselling therapy is demanding to the extent that your patients would become dependent on you and expect you to give your utmost efforts to help them mend the cracks in their marriage or put their filial issues to an end. If you have confidence in yourself to deal with the changing trends and demands of this career, and also live up to the expectations of your patients then you must follow your dreams and these basic steps.

Step 1: Get your Bachelor’s Degree

Some students come with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology or social work but many marriage therapists have varied backgrounds of educational qualification. It is simply vital to be a graduate for you to pursue your higher studies to become a certified relationship consultant. Just remember to complete the degree with flying colours and take a keen interest in observing life, people and their connections.

Step 2: Earn a Master’s Degree

Apply for a Psychology program from renowned private or public universities. The chosen university must have accreditations and recognitions so that you have the tag of having pursued your master’s degree from a recognized university. Once again, you need to focus on your studies, acquire remarkable marks and gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Step 3: Complete a clinical internship

Some students get the opportunity to start their internship when they are pursuing their master’s degree but if you first want to complete your studies and then start your internship, you can do that as well. Practicing under a renowned marriage and family therapist who also offers other psychological counselling services will broaden your horizon, give you hands-on training, let you deal with real patients and help learn the professional ethics, code of conduct and skills.

Step 4: Pursue other courses

Even after having a post graduate degree in Psychology, you may not get the specific knowledge and skills to practice as a marriage, relationship or couple counselor. To equip yourself in this niche area, you must undertake rigorous and comprehensive evidence based & supervised training in this field which will give you a better understanding of your subject of practice. Completing such a course will keep you at par with recent studies, researches, methods, techniques, tests and tools needed to be a highly skilled and qualified therapist. Besides, you can also offer other counselling services and increase your expertise.


As a family and marriage therapist, you need to be dedicated to your profession and have the patience to complete the studies, courses and degrees. Do pay a visit to the website of Feeling Minds for such courses, related to the field of general and psychological counselling services. You will surely have an enriching experience and specific courses which help you to become certified parenting expert, certified relationship consultant, certified family counselor, certified sexual wellness coach.

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